What to wear for a Wedding - How to Choose the Right Wedding Look?

How do you know whether your want your wedding look to be contemporary or classic? For as long as we can remember, the wedding day has been the most important day of our life. The craziness, plans, and efforts to liven the event were always kept for the big day!

Gone are the days when men's wedding attire consisted solely of safari suits, kurtas, and sherwanis. Today's grooms have the same number of wardrobe selections as their counterparts.

In today's time, men have well-customized dress shirt options that will help them look their best on the big day. Now, whether you're the groom, groomsmen, or merely attending a wedding. Here's how you may choose the right shirt dress for the wedding days and events, throughout the wedding season. So, what better than choosing the bright whites and the right whites from the Kingdom of White? But here’s how you should choose the right shirt:


For the groom's side, selecting the appropriate fabric has always been a source of stress and debate. The tone of the wedding dress shirt, on the other hand, is simple to choose.

However, picking the right pattern, fabric, and the colour is crucial.

Although the proper colour of a wedding suit has long been a point of contention, the tone of a wedding dress shirt is very straightforward. A plain white dress shirt is fundamental to any traditional yet special costume since it can be easily paired with any fabric. Fabric, fineness, and pattern are three significant factors to consider while designing your wedding dress shirt. You may choose some of the best fabric options from the Kingdom of White. Just visit the page of Fabric and choose the best-suited white shirt for the event.  


This shirt is made of high-quality linen and is both stylish and comfortable. The Mellow - Full Sleeves Mandarin Collar Shirt offers a unique pattern on the collar and a specific weave that gives it a perfectly classic and ready-for-the-event look. This is performed with the use of a unique loom that raises and lowers the yarns one by one.

This is performed with the use of a unique loom that raises and lowers the yarns one by one.


A top-notch cotton shirt with a flawless striped front. Our Signature - Satin Stripes Shirt offers a textured finish and a stripe design for added appeal. This is a fantastic option for black tie events.


Our sleek Cosmo - Mandarin Collar Concealed Placket Shirt, meticulously constructed in Poplin fabric, will elevate your formal clothing. Its finely detailed fabric will give flair to your bridal ensemble.

Collar style

We generally propose the Cutaway Collar or the Stylized Collar, depending on the accessories you choose to wear that day. The wide type sits wonderfully with a bow tie, and the styled collar looks excellent with a long neck tie.

If you're wearing a good tuxedo shirt, you can go with a wingtip collar, which is less adaptable but exceedingly elegant. Please see our post on several varieties of dress shirt collars for additional details.

Any shirt for an important event like that of Marriage does not require that your shirt boasts a pocket. Obviously, pockets make a shirt essential, but consider during weddings, to choose shirts that are white, classy, traditional, party types, etc. A good fabric, a good texture, a good white shirt, and wonderful yet right accessories are all you need to make your hectic wedding days happy and fun. For the rest, the https://kingdomofwhite.com/ is with you. You may just choose the one shirt you need and you are sorted.