Men's brunch outfits from casual weekends to coffee dates

Brunches have become a mandatory part of weekend plans. Consequently, brunch outfits are a modern staple that should be present in every man’s wardrobe. Whether it is a casual hangout with your friends or a first date at your favorite cafe, your ensemble has to be on point for the occasion. While there are certain safe choices that are versatile enough for most brunch outings, it can get very monotonous in no time. Here are some brunch outfit ideas and how to best put them into action:

The half sleeve look

If you’re looking to strike the right balance between the freedom of casual and the elegance of formals, the half-sleeve shirt is a great choice. The collar plays an important role in how your half-sleeve shirt will look. Pick a regular collar or a mandarin collar design for greater versatility. Choose from white shirts for men and pair it with your favorite jeans for a classic style. You can also go with chinos for a relaxed touch.

The polo look

One of the most underutilized pieces in a men’s wardrobe is the polo shirt. Classier than a t-shirt but more liberating than a shirt, polo shirts are true multitaskers. You can dress them down all the way to your favorite shorts, or dress them up all the way to trousers and a blazer. Pick the right length and the correct fabric for a complete experience. Go with white shirts in polo design for an outfit that can even be reused on Fridays at work.

The overshirt look

Designed for transitional seasons, the overshirt fills the gap between shirts and jackets. If your brunch plans are in the time period between seasons, then the overshirt is a must have for your outfit. White shirts for men make great overshirts when paired with solid contrasting t-shirts. Add a relaxed jogger for a touch of street-style. Additionally, the overshirt goes very well with oversized boots. Just ensure that the overall ensemble comes together without clashing patterns or colors.

The semi-formal look

Brunch plans are not always with friends or loved ones. You could be going for brunch with work colleagues or your boss. For such a plan, you’ll need to land a semi-formal look. White shirts are a perfect pick for this when paired with a casual jacket or blazer. You can put the layering aside during the meal and wear it again when you’re just conversing. For this look to reach its maximum appeal, add the right accessories. A statement watch and belt are just what you need to achieve that.

The comfortable look

For a fully relaxed look, pick comfortable styles and fabrics. For example, white shirts with a hood or linen white shirts are a great way to get yourself comfortable. Simple details like a zipper on a kurta design, or abstract floral prints can lift up even the simplest white shirts for men. Also pay attention to your shoes to complete the look in the best way possible.

The white look

The brunch is a daytime meal, and is the best place to try out all your experiments with whiter colors. If you’ve ever wanted to try out things like white on white, then you should definitely plan a look with that for your brunch outing. Choose a white linen shirt and pair with cotton chinos in white. To complete the look, wear your favorite white sneakers. Add a dash of color with the right accessories and you’re all sorted for your brunch plans.