About Us

In a world of chaos, belong effortlessly here.

  • No stiff whites. 
  • Forget everything you know about white. 
  • This isn’t about fitting into a mold. 
  • It’s about breaking free from it. 
  • We’re offering a revolution in living. 
  • Our white is a force of transformation. 
  • Ready to disrupt the status quo. 
  • Redefine and inspire you to new heights. 
  • We are made for the bold, the visionary, and the creator in you. 
  • This is more than a shade. 
  • It’s a movement. 
  • It’s white reimagined - fluid, dynamic, and perfectly at ease with who you are. 
  • Welcome to the world with a new kind of white. 
  • Made to belong effortlessly. 
  • Step into the world of India’s first all-white lifestyle brand. 

Kingdom of White

White Is Not A Colour, It’s A Lifestyle

It clears clutter, inspires creativity, embraces minimalism, instills confidence, celebrates luxury, embodies sophistication, fosters comfort and like we said, it’s a lifestyle! 

White Is Right.

Effortless Belonging

We’re taking white out of the boardroom and bringing it to a beach holiday, farmer’s market, weekend hike, rooftop dinners, games night, and literally anywhere, everywhere. Our white styles are designed to promote freedom, fluidity and effortlessness.

Not Stiff, Just White-Out Fun!

You Can Call Us Moonchild

The moon is made of strokes that so beautifully portray a work of delicate threads and fine looms. One that celebrates the fragility and the magnanimity of white.

Kingdom Taking After The Moon