Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fabric - Cotton, Polyester, and Blended Fabrics

Right from cotton to polyester and even cotton blend shirts, options are plenty when choosing a shirt for your use. A guide to choosing the perfect fabric is crucial and you need to work hard to come across the best choice to make. Our team from Kingdom of White is more than happy to address your needs by providing the best choice of all time.

If you are looking for the best summer clothing options, then cotton seems to be the best choice to work with. But for that silky smooth texture, polyester might be a good choice. However, for the sultry summer months, cotton or cotton-blended linen fabrics might be your right choice. No matter what your needs be, our team from Kingdom of White is more than happy to address your needs now! 


The cotton blend shirts online from our source at Kingdom of White are too good to avoid. With such growing popularity among the masses, especially during summer times, finding the right cotton blend shirt is a priority these days. Well, check out some of the points, mentioned below, which will clearly portray the benefit of cotton fabrics for shirts these days.

1. Feel and wear

The linen cotton blends white shirt or the pure cotton shirt from our source at Kingdom of White is known for its comfortable feel. As made using natural materials, these shirts can be worn throughout the summer months without feeling sweaty at all. The quick-absorbing power of cotton shirts will make them suitable for the masses to wear during sultry weather conditions.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy long-lasting tear and wear with cotton fabric materials. They are perfect for daily use, and for a long time.

2. Durability and care

If there is one thing about cotton shirts then that has to be their durability quotient. Once purchased from our side at Kingdom of White, these shirts are here to stay for the longest time. You can use them on a daily basis and nothing will happen to the shirts. They are purposely manufactured to stand the test of time.

On the other hand, taking care of your cotton shirts is very simple. You just need warm soapy water to clean the shirt and help it get back to its pristine new look. But, make sure to iron your shirts because cotton materials have a chance of getting wrinkled after every wash.

3. List of our white cotton shirts & their advantages

Our team from Kingdom of White has some of the most authentic white cotton shirts. Let us show you some of our main options and their advantages to following.

  • Cutaway Collar Cotton Twill White shirt: For your everyday wear, you can buy a cotton blend shirt or can opt for this Cutaway Collar Cotton Twill White shirt from the Kingdom of White. As meant for daily use, the product is long-lasting and can withstand daily pressure.
  • Button Down Collar Formal Cotton Dobby Shirt: If you are planning for a formal shirt to match trousers and a suit, then our Button Down Collar Formal Cotton Dobby Shirt from Kingdom of White is a clever choice to address. It is a perfect shirt to start your day with!
  • Regular collar cotton Grainy Oxford shirt: This is a half-sleeved shirt, perfect for sunny summer mornings. This cotton shirt is perfect to be worn as formal apparel and also as your casual outfit for brunch meeting with your friends!


Generally speaking, polyester is known as a manufactured synthetic fiber. It is a form of plastic and is mostly derived from petroleum. Polyester fibers are known to be incredibly strong and they don’t scratch, tear, or pill easily like natural fibers, such as cotton. This strength usually means that polyester clothing can handle abrasion from machine washes and won’t need special care.

1. Feel and wear

Most people prefer to buy linen cotton blend fabric because of the comfort level. But, the feel and wear of polyester is something that you want to give out a try. Polyester is light in weight and known to have a slightly silkier feel than cotton. It is great for sports too. Apparel that is made using polyester will trap the sweat against the skin. It means that these shirts might feel clammy during warm weather but quite warm during cooler temperatures.

2. Durability and care

When it comes to durability, polyester is highly durable when compared to basic cotton or cotton blend shirts. For taking care of these items, you need to wash them in lukewarm soapy water and then air dries the pieces.

Cotton vs. Polyester

In the battle between cotton and polyester, the cotton blend shirts online from Kingdom of White will win by a huge landslide. Mainly because of the natural fibers and long-lasting usability, cotton is at the top, with high-end comfort as an added bonus.

Fabric blends:

The linen cotton blends white shirt is one of the most popular options from the Kingdom of White. It is the perfect definition of summer wear!

1.Cotton Blend

The blend of cotton and linen will add that highly comfortable look and feel during the sultry summer months.

2.Polyester-spandex blends

Most of the time, Polyester-spandex blends are used in manufacturing active wear because spandex is stretchy and will retain its old shape and polyester is durable.

3.What is a 50-50 blend of cotton and polyester?

As understood from the name, the 50:50 blend means a perfect ratio of cotton and polyester to create a perfect fabric of clothing, which is soft to the touch and also durable. Get the chance to buy a cotton blend shirt from us.

What’s your fabric of choice?

We recommend you buy linen cotton blend fabric from our store at Kingdom of White, where we have some of the most gorgeous pieces to look into. Our items are made using natural fibers, which will keep you cool during the summer months all the way through.