A Timeless Investment - The White Shirt

Everyone needs a white shirt in his or her wardrobe. It is a universal piece of clothing, designed not just for men, but for women as well. Right now, wearing oversized white shirts is in trend for women and they are just going with it. Wearing a big white shirt with nothing but just a sparkling belt on is a style statement, which can easily turn into #OOTD! 

Whether it is an office after-party or even a formal business meet, a white shirt for men has its hold. All you need to do is just get along with the best pieces available near hand and then move on with the right company to make a purchase. 

You can even pair up your white shirt with black formal pants for that formal look or jeans for that semi-casual outfit of the day! Overall, it is not hard to state that a white shirt is a man’s or a woman’s best friend right now.

Importance of white shirts & white clothes in men’s life

Nothing can actually determine the value of a white shirt and white clothes in a man’s life. When you are running late for the office meeting or don’t have a clue about what your first date outfit should be, a white shirt can always save your day.

Moreover, with a white shirt style in vogue these days, you have plenty of options to style it with. Whether you are aiming for a casual Sunday brunch time with a friend or a classic night party with your beloved, a white shirt can always make you win your case. 

However, choosing the best shirt is always the first preference. A lot depends on the fabric materials. The simple white shirt made out of cotton is a clear winner, especially during the sultry summer months. For an extra tip of breathability, you can try out the linen cotton for a change, if you don’t mind wrinkles!

Overall, white shirts are simple and not made using any fancy fabric materials. It is mostly the cotton white shirt that makes people look around for more.

How to style white shirt & white shirt looks

This might be the very first time when you are trying to style up a white shirt. Maybe you don’t know how to do it and that’s okay. Some of the tips mentioned below will actually help you to understand how to style a white shirt with ease.

So, if you are looking for one such white shirt style, which will make sure that multiple heads turn around to look at you, then the points mentioned below might serve the right purpose as asked for.


After a long day at work and a hectic week, it is time to unwind yourself at the weekend party with your friends! You have planned for a booze night in your nearby club and everyone is waiting for you to turn out. 

Well, wearing a white shirt on the weekend with a pair of blue jeans will scream casual. On the other hand, you can even pair up your white shirt with denim shorts or cargo pants, and that will elevate the look even more! No need to worry about the formal black trousers with a white shirt look anymore. After all, it’s the weekend and that’s when the fun begins.


Even though you might feel a bit skeptical at first, pairing a white shirt with white jeans or chinos can often offer you a style you haven’t thought of before. It’s the famous “all white” look, which will surely turn around heads when you are somewhere public.

This is one of the answers on how to style a white shirt. Sometimes, it is also known as the most polished office look. For that, you need to pair the white shirt look with a white blazer, white trousers, and some sexy white formal shoes. You can enhance the look with some minimalistic accessories when it is turned for a date night.


Nothing makes it scream sexy other than pairing up your white shirt with black pants. For that casual look, you can wear the white colored shirt with distressed black jeans and a blue denim jacket, which will be tied around your waist. 

If you want to go out for the weekend, this white shirt combination is sexy, casual, and comfortable at the same time. When you feel a bit cold, just wear the blue denim jacket and you are off to a great start! You can style it with a white shirt and make everyone fall in love with your style.


It is true that you have seen people wearing white shirts with shorts or even the most common trend of white shirts with jeans. Well, you don’t have to follow the same rule. As mentioned earlier, women love wearing oversized and longer-length white shirts these days.

To turn that into a dress, you just need some basic accessories like a belt to tighten up your waist and give it a shape. You can wear some sunglasses and white heels, and you are all set for the party!

5.The Mandarin collar shirt trending look

If you are going for the safest bet under a white shirt, then the mandarin collar shirt is always in. It is a short unfolded stand-up collar, which is great to go with a white shirt combination. It provides a more casual look to your entire outfit, which is perfect for date nights.

Final say and the reasons why users can purchase white shirts from KOW

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