5 Ways to Wear A White Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirts are timeless classics that speak style and comfort. The fabric is soft and durable, and the shirt looks good on almost anyone, irrespective of their body structure.

The Oxford Cloth Button Down, or OCBD, is a classic that enhances the wardrobe's and the wearer's appeal. You will get some of the most beautiful, versatile, and classic OCBDs in our lineup at Kingdom of White.

We are proud to claim that it is one of our perpetual bestsellers. The reason: it is the perfect piece to wear in the casual office settings of today.

You may wonder how exactly you can wear a white oxford shirt to the office, given that you have heard so much about its -high-feel factor and sophistication. We will clear all your doubts.

How can a mens white oxford shirt accentuate your look? 

There are lots of ways in which you can accentuate your look by wearing a white oxford shirt, especially if it is a button-down variant. The buttons, the collar style, the cut and stitch, everything adds to its value, yet it remains innately casual.

A lot of people mix up mens white oxford shirt with others that have buttons. Therefore, when you wear one, make sure that it not only accentuates your look but also ‘says’ that it is a white oxford button down shirt.

Here is how you should wear these shirts and enhance your look.

Even though some critics may veto it, you will look your best when you wear a white oxford shirt with a suit. However, choose a casual, lean suit rather than a sleek, sophisticated wool-silk suit.

You may also wear a white oxford shirt with a button down collar and a coarser finish with suit splits. 

You can wear these shirts on formal occasions like black-tie events and weddings. Combine it with the correct cuff links, tie, shoes, and watch.

If you attend a more casual event, wear a classic Oxford shirt without a tie over a vest or with a blazer. You can even button it up to your neck if you are wearing it with a suit.

Accentuate your look with a patterned Oxford shirt with a couple of buttons undone at the top, and wear it with blazers. 

You may leave the blazer or jacket at home if you visit a casual meeting in an Oxford shirt paired with jeans or chinos. Leave a couple of buttons open at the top for a casual, effortless look.

Styling tips: how to wear an oxford shirt?        

Here are some helpful tips to tell you exactly how to wear oxford shirt and look good. 

Wear it with a blazer or chinos but make sure the color complements each other. While white fits anywhere neutral, colors like blue and brown are perfect for dates, office, and casual weddings.

If you like shorts, pair the mens white shirt with it and complement it with the right color. Also, wear suede or leather boat shoes with it and a festive sweater, depending on the season.

Going to the beach, you may wear an Oxford shirt with your trunks and sneakers for a casual look. Leave half the buttons undone and roll the sleeves up to feel comfortable and look more casual.

The slightly coarser texture of the shirt will go well with a jumper. It will have a warm and functional look adding to the visual interest.

T-shirts worn under white stretch shirt look good. You can use this style trick with an Oxford shirt too.

Apart from the above standard oxford shirt outfits, you can also create a unique style statement by wearing the shirt with a bomber jacket for a casual yet smart look.

You accessorize with other rough and tough stuff, such as a pair of jeans and a cap, a Borg-collar jacket and work boots made of leather.

Pair the white oxford shirt with a roll neck made from merino wool of fine gauge. Single color works best in this case.

Wear a V-neck sweater with your button-down Oxford shirt if it is cold. It will be versatile and offer a casual look, but the collar will make everything look neat. 

Oxford shirt with jeans: a take or a pass?

You can wear an Oxford shirt with a pair of jeans and look stylish, casual, and comfortable, all at the same time. Even critics and purists can appreciate the effortless look. All you need to know is how to pair it well.

You may wear the Oxford shirt over a Tee with stripes on top of your favorite pair of jeans. Wear minimal sneakers to give an entirely effortless look and maximum accentuation.

An Oxford shirt can also be worn with a jean jacket on top of it and relaxed jeans along with bright sneakers. Leave a couple of buttons open at the top for a more laid-back yet refined look.

Another good way to wear an oxford shirt with jeans is with a pair of rugged boots and a Tee. This outfit will give a tougher look. If you want something slightly softer but good in appeal, you may wear a pair of suede chukkas or plain sneakers.

Talking about wearing an Oxford shirt with jeans, it does not restrict to traditional blue jeans only. You can layer it well with a pair of black jeans and look equally casual and comfortable. It will not have a preppy look when you wear rugged boots with it. It will make you look more adventurous.

To wear an Oxford shirt with jeans, you must know which jeans will work well. Blue or dark-blue straight-leg jeans are quite good if they are free from annoying embellishments.

In short, when you wear an Oxford shirt with jeans, it should not look overly dressy.


So, there are endless ways to wear an Oxford shirt with almost anything and look good and comfortable. Take a peek at our exquisite collection to add a few of these shirts to your wardrobe.