Trendy Ways To Work Linen Into Your Wardrobe


People are more into cotton pieces during the summer months because they want to feel breezy and comfortable at the same time. But, with the help of a linen fabric shirt, you can add style with an ultimate comfort zone. Thanks to some reputed brands and online stores, now you get the opportunity to purchase linen white shirts from the comfort of your home.

It takes quite some time to check in with the different options under a linen fabric shirt and then grab the style that matches your personality the most. But, it is always recommended to hold your horses before you jump up straight into making a decision.

About linen:

With the sun out in its full glory, the temperature is subject to rise quite a bit. Sometimes, it gets too hot to handle, and moving out in the sun is a life-threatening situation. Maybe you can stay naked at home, but when you have to get to work, you need to wear formal attire. If you don’t want to sweat like a pig, then a linen fabric shirt is the best option to get along with.

Pair up the linen fabric shirt with black trousers and always opt for the white color for your shirt. It helps in reflecting the light and you will feel a lot less sweaty. Moreover, linen clothes are not just breathable, but light in weight. So, you won’t even feel like you are wearing anything!

What Is Linen?

Linen fabric is mostly derived from the plants of the flax plant, which helps to create the finest linen fabric shirt. You just need to catch up with us at Kingdom of White for quality white color linen shirts, right at your disposal. 

Linen is one such fabric, known for its unparalleled breathability. It was produced originally in Egypt and was designed to be used by priests and royalty only. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a king to wear a linen fabric shirt. When it is summer, it is time to open up your closet and start looking for a white linen shirt for your daily use. 

Linen clothing is a bit on the pricier side than cotton because of the higher production cost and limited quantity available. So, hurry up if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity!

How To Wear Linen Shirts?

Depending on the event you want to attend, the ways of wearing linen fabric shirts are subject to change. The texture, breathability, absorbency, and accessibility are some of the major features to give linen a try. 

Here are 5 linen outfits for men with comfort and style

To make your linen fabric shirt investment worth it, we have shaped some of the promising ways in which men can wear linen, to address comfort with style. Before you make a purchase, check these points out!

1. Classic Linen Button Down

Known for its classic cotton-linen blend, this linen fabric shirt is the perfect example of comfort and a classic choice to dress up formally. For those room meetings, you can wear the linen shirts on top of your boxers as no one is going to see your bottom. You can keep the outfit look cool by pairing it with a simple silhouette with beige or white color trousers. 

2. Must-Have Black Linen Trousers

If you want to enhance the beauty of your chosen linen fabric shirt then a black linen trouser might be the right choice to match your needs. It is somewhat essential in every guy’s wardrobe these days, to experience luxurious comfort. The contemporary silhouette will make the linen trousers so versatile. They are cropped at the ankles and will be a great choice for the day-to-night look

3.Polished Off-White Linen Trousers

Much like spending some bucks on the linen fabric shirt, you can spend some on the underrated polished off-white linen trousers for a change. It is as essential as the black pair mentioned above. Much like the linen shirts for men, these off-white trousers will go great if you want to create a monochrome look. The entire piece will make you look sexy and stand out in the crowd.

4. Casual Short Sky-Blue Linen Kurta

As you can understand from the name itself, you can invest some bucks in the short linen kurta, preferably in light colors like white or light blue. These pieces are somewhat different from linen fabric shirts. These shirt kurtas are a perfect mix of shirts and traditional Indian kurtas. The lengths are not as long as traditional pieces but will be longer than a basic shirt. If you want to gift something different than shirts for men, then these linen kurtas will do the trick.

5.Style it Like Nehru

You can put in linen clothes for men first and then pair them up with the Nehru jacket. That will make you look more casual and chic at the same time. It is a great addition during the festive season. The Mandarin Collar Linen white shirts for men with straight plackets will add a major contemporary touch.

6. Classic White Linen Kurta

If you are looking for classic linen clothes for men, then nothing can beat the importance of a classic white linen kurta. You can pair such items with pajamas or even denim jeans. Apart from the best linen shirts in India, you can give these kurtas a try!

How To Take Care Of Linen Clothes?

Indeed, linen clothes for men wrinkle way too much. The easy way to tackle the situation is by getting clothes with a linen-cotton blend. But, that’s not always ideal. However, the best linen fabric for shirts has wrinkles as part of its beauty. The wrinkles are proof that clothes are cut in luxury fabric.


Final thoughts

Whether you are planning for a formal meet or just want to look cooler at your brother’s wedding, linen outfits for men are always a cult choice. Just make sure to get hold of the linen dress for men we have at Kingdom of White, and check out the options that best suit your needs. You will surely fall for our linen outfits for men now!