The Modern Gentleman’s Wardrobe: the regular collar white shirt

It is quite unlikely for someone to not own a white collared shirt in his wardrobe. It is a favorable style for not just men but for women these days as well because they have to attend office meetings as well. If you want to create a modern gentleman’s wardrobe, then investing in top-notch quality white shirts for men from our side at Kingdom of White is a clever call. 

Available in pure white color, these shirts are over the top with their durability, comfortability, and silkiness. You just have to check out the options we have in hand, and then make way for the right choice.

Every man should own at least one White Regular Collar Shirt

There is a precise reason for every man to own a collared shirt in white, these days. It is going to be a perfect combination of class, comfort, and simplicity at the same time. The white color of the shirt stands for elegance, thanks to the clearness and also refinement of the color. Right now, it is also considered the cornerstone garment of the men’s closet. 

Even though the choices are shirts are plenty, nothing can beat the importance of a white shirt. It clearly passes the evergreen test of versatility among generations. So, this shirt is not just in vogue these days, but the beauty of white shirts can be seen in years to come.

The importance & significance of the white fabric or white shirts in men’s life

The white-colored collared shirt has survived passing fashions and has become an evergreen choice among generations. You will always find one white shirt-based design in any spring or summer collection. That clearly portrays that people still love to own a white collared shirt, which is why there is a boom in the manufacturing section.

1. Class

Nothing can beat the importance of a fine class associated with white-colored Regular Collar Shirts. Previously, white shirts were the epitome of success and were marked with successful people only. Nowadays, thanks to affordable rates, anyone with a sense of style can opt for white-colored shirts. Pairing it up with formal black trousers will set you perfectly for the upcoming official meet and greet!

2. Simplicity

If there is one thing that Regular Collar Shirts are known for then that has to be its simplicity. The monochromatic white-colored collar shirts have no patterns or textures on them. The only difference will lie with the fabric materials chosen for manufacturing the white shirts. Most of the time, cotton and linen are the best options. So, the look is simple yet charismatic to a great extent!

3. Comfort

Whenever you are planning to purchase Regular Collar Shirts, you always check for comfort. Well, the white shirts are the final call when it comes to comfort for a long time. You can wear the white shirts for hours to come and can feel like you are wearing nothing. The sweat absorbent feature of these shirts will ensure that you won’t stink and your body remains breathable throughout.

It's the cornerstone garment of men’s closets:

Until 1900, white shirt collar styles were associated with the art of aristocracy because only the wealthy group of people can afford to frequently wash clothes or have enough number in order to always wear clean shirts. But, these days, white shirts are meant for all and can be used in different ways. 

You get the chance to select the perfect shirt based on the style, cut, and collar. You get a white shirt for every occasion! Right from a job interview to sharing dinner with your friends, a white shirt is always your savior. 

How do you choose the perfect shirt? Here’s a short guide

From the points mentioned above, you are clear that white shirt collar styles are indeed famous among the lot. Now the real question lies with the ways, which will help you to select the right white shirt among the lot. Our team from Kingdom of White will help you to make the right choice among our favorable options. Just check out the points, mentioned below, for some details.

1. Business

For that business attire, you have loads of men's shirt collar types to choose from. Among the lot, the Light Popeline shirt is a great fit for any corporate dress code. The lightness that comes with the fabric will give rise to that perfect fit and will make you feel comfortable and fresh all day long. There is no need to take off your jacket!

For the collars, you can try out the cutaway collar or the spread one because they are both perfect to be worn with ties. This is one modern look, which will allow you to show your confidence with style now.

2. Casual

In case you belong to an urban setting and love to hang around museums, or just want to end up with a casual dinner date with your partner, you can opt for a versatile, soft, and opaque fabric among all the mens shirt collar types available. A white popeline shirt that comes with a button-down collar or a zipper shirt will add that sporty twist to your look. 

As there is no need to wear a tie with this piece of outfit, you can easily leave the top 2 or 3 buttons undone. If you are heading towards the beach, then you can look for the linen shirt, with a blend of cotton in it.

3. Special events

For special events like weddings or ceremonies, you can always choose to be daring yet classy with the help of a regular collar shirt. Match up your shirt with colorful chinos and a matching suit at the top to complete the look here. Make sure to have the right fit too.

How To Take Care Of White Clothes?

You must learn how to clean white collar shirts because you don’t want to ruin the white beauty at all. Make sure to wash your white-colored regular collar shirt separately from the colored garments if you don’t want color on them. Hang them to air-dry and that helps in preventing wrinkles big time. For washing your white-colored casual collared shirts, remember to use hot or warm water and try adding baking soda to the mix.

Final thoughts

Overall, if you are looking for a universal option when it comes to casual collared shirts white is always the finest choice to address. Our team from Kingdom of White is ready to help you explore multiple options, delivered within a few business days.