Mandarin Collar Shirts - 9 Style Tips for Men

After giving it a fair bit of thought, you have successfully purchased much-needed band collar shirts to be added to your wardrobe. Unfortunately enough, you haven’t figured out how you can style up your band collar shirts, especially the mandarin ones, to help elevate your style quotient to a completely new level. Without wasting time any further, it is time to check in with professional tips, which will help you to style up your band collar shirts with ease. 

Our team from Kingdom of White has been associated with such collared shirts for a long time. We know the kind of service you are looking for and can guide you in the best ways possible to style up your mandarin collar shirt right now.

About mandarin collars

Also known as standing collar or Nehru collar, the mandarin band collar shirts are the latest in-thing in the market. These bands are shirt and unfolded stand-up collar styles, available not just on jackets but on shirts as well. The style derived its name from the Western section of the mandarin bureaucrats in Qing-era China, which employed this style to be a part of their uniform.

Nowadays, mandarin-styled band collar shirts are quite popular among the masses. The main purpose of such collars is to prevent chafing and to protect the neck from other gear that you might have to carry or wear. Before you end up selecting a band collar shirt for your use, know how to style it up with ease.

9 Style Tips for Men’s Casual Band Collar Shirts

After giving it a fair bit of thought, you have finally decided to invest some bucks in the band collar shirts and that’s good for you. However, we have listed below the top 9 style tips for men’s mandarin collar shirts. Following these tips will help you to style up your band collar to create the right #OOTD! So, without wasting time any further, let’s jump straight into details.

  • Top Button Un-Done
  • Make sure to leave at least two buttons un-done on your band collar shirts to give out that cool vibe from your side. At best, it is recommended that you unbutton the top two to three buttons. If you left more buttons un-done, it will give out a carefree and casual vibe to it. However, this rule is not applicable if you are playing the role of an actual granddad, clergy member, or chef.

  • Roll the Sleeves
  • Now is the time to un-button the cuffs and fold them back towards your side and then repeat the process. The best-rolled shelves for the band collar shirts will end just below the elbow. It will give rise to a chic and classy look, which you want to impress the opposite sex. Be sure that you roll both sleeves at the same spot otherwise, you might look all sloppy. Rolling the sleeves of white shirts will surely make you look sexy and desirable!

  • A Hem Tuck
  • Right now, the art of tucking of band collar shirts has become a modern trend and it is going to stay like that for a long time now. It is recommended to opt for French tuck, where the front is tucked up in and the back is out. Or, you can opt for the half tuck option, where one-half of the front is tucked in. Sometimes, full tucking of casual shirts for men is also acceptable, but for keeping the look casual.

  • Underneath a Casual Blazer
  • If you want to style up band collar shirts, wearing them under a casual blazer will add that oomph factor to your look completely. Match it up with dark denim rolled right at the ankles and finish it off with a pair of sneakers. Make sure that the hem of the formal shirts for men is higher than the hem of the blazer, but it should not be longer. It is always suggested to leave the shirt un-tucked for this smart casual look.

  • White Band Collar Shirt
  • If you are looking for a universal color while purchasing band collar shirts for the first time, then white is always the best choice to come to mind. It is also the safest option, which can be used in different ways to style up your look. You can wear the white Chinese collar shirt with black trousers to create a formal look or change the mix with blue denim and sneakers for that smart casual attire now.

  • Casual Bottoms
  • For that street-smart look, mix your band-collar shirts with casual bottoms. There is no need to always opt for denim for the same. Some people can even plan to wear their white Chinese collar shirt with dark-colored shots for a change, and follow that up with sneakers and sunglasses. That helps in completing your overall look.

  • The Fit
  • Unless you are sure of the fit of your band collar shirts, your look won’t pop out. We have white band collar shirts available in different sizes from Small to Extra Large. So, make sure to learn about your size and then choose the right fit for your use. A baggy or loose-fitted shirt won’t look good on you.

  • As a Layering Piece
  • You can use men's banded collar shirts as one layering piece. You can wear a T-shirt under the shirt and keep the buttons open for that casual look. Or you can layer the white band collar shirt with a suit on top before attending the office meeting. It all depends on the event.

  • Leave the Shirt Open
  • Place a t-shirt beneath the mens banded collar shirts and keep the shirt buttons open. You can even create a monochromatic look with our slim-fit shirt with a band collar and match the same with the same colored pants. 

    Final Thoughts

    Always be prepared to select the best company for your slim-fit shirt with a band collar. Once you have us at Kingdom of White for the same, there is no need to look back for a secondary option. We have some of the best options under band collar formal shirts, in store for you.