Linen vs Cotton: What makes the best summer shirt?

This might be the very first time when you are thinking of investing in a men's white linen shirt. However, choosing between linen and cotton is an age-old dilemma. Choosing the right materials for the summer months is important and you need to act on that well. 

Choose the right material that’s most suited for summers

With August rolling around, it is time to focus on autumnal fashion and wrapping up in style. However, these glorious heat waves are here to stay for quite some time now. People buy linen white shirts for men from the house of the Kingdom of White, to keep themselves cool for a longer time span. 

Some are into cotton materials, but the beauty of linen is hard to beat in most instances. Learning the benefits beforehand will actually help you to make the right choice.

Benefits of wearing Linen in summer

So, you have planned to purchase linen white half-shirts, right? Have you ever wondered why you need to wear linen shirts from Kingdom of White these days? Well, some of the points mentioned below might help you to make the best choice.

It is hypoallergenic and naturally anti-bacterial.

The white linen cotton shirts online are known to be hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It consists of a unique ability, which is designed to kill bacteria and will stop the spreading of certain dust mites and germs. That makes line white shirts from Kingdom of White ideal for those, who are otherwise suffering from sensitive skin and from air-borne diseases like asthma and other allergies.

1.It is highly breathable

The breathability of the men's white linen shirt from Kingdom of White is mostly measured as RET or water-vapor resistance in a skin model test. If the RET score is lower, then the fabric will let more perspiration pass through. Linen is known to score the lowest in RET count. It shows that this material will allow the body’s sweat to pass through the fabric materials rather easily.

2.It is a sustainable choice

Linen is known to be a natural fiber, which is procured from the flax plant. It will use fewer resources when compared to cotton materials. Flax can further grow in poor soil, which is not otherwise used for food production. It can even rehabilitate polluted soil in some cases. So, people can buy linen white shirts for men from the Kingdom of White as a sustainable choice.

Benefits of wearing Cotton in summer

Apart from linen white half shirts, there are chances that people might opt for cotton clothing materials this summer. But, have you ever wondered why? Well, the benefits mentioned below might serve the purpose big time and let you get to the bottom of it. 

1.Powerful absorber:

It is true that you will sweat a lot during the summer months. Well, during such instances, cotton is a very powerful version of the water absorber, which will help in absorbing perspiration. So, that’s why cotton is a good choice to consider. 

2.Safe from fungus:

The cotton clothing materials will surely keep you safe from fungus and some other harmful microorganisms. If you are one of those with sensitive skin, then cotton is always a good option. It helps in decreasing the severity of allergic reactions.

3.Provides air circulation:

During the summer months, the harsh UV rays will ensure that you sweat a lot. But, the cotton materials help with better air circulation. So, you won’t feel the sweat touching your body and can enjoy your time to the fullest.

Is cotton the best fabric to wear in summer?

People have mixed emotions when it comes to the best fabric to wear during the summer months. Some are opting for white linen cotton shirts online from Kingdom of White and then others are into cotton base materials. If you have sensitive skin and also sweat profusely, then a cotton shirt is the best choice. But, for some additional help, cotton linen is a good choice.

What is a better alternative to cotton in summer? 

If you are looking for a better alternative to cotton during the summer months then linen is always the best choice you can opt for. You will procure some of the best linen white shirts from the house of Kingdom of White. Linen is suitable for hypoallergenic skin conditions and those suffering from sensitive skin. It is light in weight and eco-friendly material at the same time.

What is more sustainable - cotton or linen? 

If the matter is revolving between linen and cotton materials, linen is more sustainable than cotton. The method, which is used for producing linen fabric from the flax plants, will use less water when compared to producing cotton of the same amount. That makes linen a sustainable choice. On the other hand, flax seeds can grow in the soil, which is not used for food production. 

Result: Linen is more sustainable than cotton

The next time you are making plans to purchase the best summer wear, always opt for linen from the Kingdom of White. Even though there are multiple colorful cotton options available but none can beat the importance of linen because of its high-end durability, hypoallergenic condition and so much more. Being a sustainable choice, people are aiming towards linen more than ever these days. You can get some design variations from reputed sources like the Kingdom of White.

Where to buy Cool Linen shirts online at the best price

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