Linen shirts for men - 5 New and Comfortable Designs

With the summer months knocking at your door, it is time to add a few linen shirts for men in your closet! Stylish and colorful options under Linen shirts are now just a click away and you just have to focus on the best options available so far. If you are looking for a universal choice under linen shirts, then nothing can beat the importance of white-colored linen shirts for men from the house of the Kingdom of White.

Being associated with this field for such a long time, we know the kind of linen shirts people want. Right from having regular fits to some slim-fitted linen shirts for men, there are 5 new and comfortable designs that every buyer needs to be aware of. So, before you jump straight into making a decision, let’s talk about those designs now!

5 New and Comfortable Linen shirt Designs

1. Cotton linen shirts for men

The cotton blend of linen shirts for men is one of the first options that will blow your mind off! This shirt is not just comfortable to wear but will add a bit of universal style to your look. The pleasant white color of the shirt will go great with the cool feeling of the linen material. 

You can purchase these linen shirts for men in full-sleeve models. Moreover, the fabric will have a textured weave all over. You can wear this piece to the office or at casual events. Just pair it up with trousers or jeans respectively and you are off to a great start. These shirts are available in slim-fit versions.

2. Summer linen shirts for men

If you want to beat the summer, then focusing on white mandarin collared linen shirts for men is your ultimate goal. It is one prime example of a classic shirt, which will leave you thoroughly impressed due to its soft and cottony feel. 

These Mandarin collared linen shirts men can be used as daytime daily wear and also as your nighttime party outfit. You just have to fit it with the right bottom and you are good to go! By changing the way in which you are going to style and accessorize the shirts, you can always create a unique look every time with a single shirt.

3. Linen button-down shirt for men

If you don’t like the options under linen shirts for men mentioned above, then opting for the linen button-down shirt will be a clever alternative option to consider. It is a perfect shirt to wear when you are out on a date. Going for the universal white button-down linen shirt will surely create a lasting impression. Wearing this shirt will give you a pleasant and refined feel altogether. 

For that classic, chic yet sophisticated look, you can pair up the button-down white linen shirt with black pants. It can be black trousers for a more formal look, or for that casual laid-back vibe, pair the linen shirts for men with black jeans and a sneaker, and you are off to a great start! You will blow your partner’s mind for you and she will be instantly attracted to you.

4. Fitted linen shirts for men

It is true that you don’t have to wear loose-fitted white shirts all the time for that ultimate comfort. If you want to enjoy comfy nature but without sacrificing style, then slim-fit linen shirts for men will be your ultimate goal to cover around here. 

You are going to look charming in such white linen party shirts for men from our source at Kingdom of White. This shirt is known to have a seamless stitch, which will go with the flow of the body. 

Such kinds of linen shirts for men are mostly designed for men who have great abs and toned chests and are willing to flaunt their picture-perfect physiques. Wearing such shirts is the best way to show off their workout results without even making a loud statement about it. 

You can pair such fitted White shirts for Men with linen trousers or even regular pants. Wearing denim jeans with a white shirt is a good combo, and you can also give that out a try. Finish off your looks with sneakers and some accessories like a watch, sunglasses, and more.

5. Plain linen shirt

If you are not much into experiments and planning to play it safe, then plain linen shirts for men might be the right choice for you. Available in simple white color, these shirts are your perfect universal choices to follow.

Here, the fabric will look extremely smooth and comfortable at the same time. These linen shirts for men will never miss out to shine through, and you will definitely turn some heads your way. 

The half-sleeve linen shirts for men from our store at Kingdom of White will look absolutely gorgeous. You can even feel the softness once you touch the pieces. Once you wear these linen shirts for men, your mind will be at utmost peace. With white being a universal color, you can pair these shirts with any possible pant option you want. 

These are the top 5 linen shirt designs you can opt for, whenever planning to purchase for the first time. You will be bombarded with options from our side at Kingdom of White, but we will let you find the right option, thanks to our professional online experts.

Importance of wearing linen shirts:

The regular fabrics used in the men’s clothing segment are not always suitable to cover all weather. These shirts are designed for indoor or board room meetings and can get quite harsh in hot climates. That’s when linen proves to be highly beneficial. Linen is one highly absorbent material, which is made using flax seeds. It will soak your sweat and keep you breezy all day long. It will act as one natural cooling system without forgetting the aristocratic look that these shirts come with. Just make sure to check in with the available options from our side at the Kingdom of White and then make the final choice count.