How to Style Shorts: The Complete 2023 Guide For Modern Men

It’s true that cotton shorts for men are pretty casual when compared to jeans or formal trousers, but they are not quite out of style. Chances are high that after learning about the types of shorts for men, you might end up purchasing one for your upcoming Sunday brunch with your friends. If you are planning to go to the beach or have a drink at the roadside café with your lover, cotton shorts for men are always the in-thing to consider. These shots are great to battle out the hot and sultry summer months! All it takes is to check out the available options before making a move.

What You’ll Need to Style Shorts Properly

Purchasing cotton shorts for men is not the end of the story. You need to style it up properly. So, pulling off the right shoes is important if you want to elevate the style quotient of your shots. 

The next time you are planning to answer questions like how to style shorts, focus on the right pair of shoes. If your shoes accentuate and elevate your shorts, then you are halfway there. 

Once you are done with the shoes, the next pick is to opt for the shirt selection. The cotton shorts for men will elevate in style once you have matching shirts with them. 

While styling your slim-fit shorts, make sure to pick up a vibe and stay consistent. You can pair dressier shots with dressier shirts and then pair the athletic ones with casual shoes and shirts. 

How to Match Your Shoes and Shorts

Always be sure to match your shoe style with that of the cotton shorts for the men you have chosen. It might seem like common sense but most people fail to follow the same. In case you are wearing dressier cotton shorts for men, then always reach out for stylish sneakers or loaders, slip-ons, or even espadrilles. 

On the other hand, if you are wearing athletic casual wear men's shorts outfits made using technical fabric, then you want to add athletic sneakers, casual slip-ons, or runners. Always be intentional and consistent!

-Shoes to Wear With Chino Shorts

It is true that boat shoes look fine with shorts but they are pretty common and will look quite boring after a certain time. Boat shoes are passable but they will not make you look stylish with the cotton shorts for men on. In order to try something better, you can still be classy and subtle at the same time. For timeless footwear, you can choose the shoes under the “classic” line. 

These shoes will help beautifully accent every color of the casual shorts for men that you have within your wardrobe. They can also offer the dapper-down and comfortable look you are looking for.

You can try out the elegant and airy slip-on with your casual wear men's shorts outfits, where the shoes are made out of cotton poplin twill. These poplin and twills are woven fabrics, which are strong, breathable, and soft. The outsole is even composed using firm natural rubber, which will hold up well with time.

-Shoes to Wear with Athletic Shorts

It is true that athletic cotton shorts for men are the pinnacle of versatility and comfort at the same time. This is a perfect item to wear when you are playing outdoors just lounging on the couch or even walking around on weekends. If you want to wear something last minute for the grocery run, these athletic white shirts and shorts are the best options to consider.

It is always mandatory o wear casual or athletic shoes to match the shorts and to create a unique vibe completely. In case you have colorful shorts in hand, then opt for grey, black, or white shoes. 

Best Shirts to Wear with Shorts

Once you are done with the shoes, it is time to check out the best shirts you get to wear with the cotton shorts for men now. Choosing a shirt is very similar to choosing a dress to wear with pants. The basic guidelines remain the same like not wearing conflicting patterns or colors.

  • Make sure to avoid wearing a long-sleeve button down shirt with shorts. That will make the look pretty awkward. Instead, try out the half-sleeve white shirt and shorts.
  • You can always try out the linen shirts, where you can fold the sleeves or roll them to be just below the elbow region. That helps to oomph up your style quotient big time.
  • In the end, always try to wear a shirt that matches the vibe of your shoes and shorts.

Finding Shorts that Fit

If you want to style up your cotton shorts for men, make sure to find shorts that fit. Wearing too loose or tightly fitted shorts is not a good call. You have to consider the right fit before matching the shorts with White shirts for Men. Check out the sizes we have at Kingdom of White before moving with the right purchase.

In Short, That’s All You Need

That’s all you need to know for answering queries like what to wear with shorts. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to wear stylish shorts for men for the first time because these steps can help you make the right purchase.


-How do you style shorts for men?

In order to style up your stylish shorts for men, make sure to pair them up well with matching shirts and shoes. It should match the overall vibe.

-How should men wear shorts?

Men should wear stylish shorts for men with casual shirts and shoes. They can accessorize with sunglasses for a sporty look.

-What length of men’s shorts are in style?

Most of the stylish types of shorts are around 1 to 3 inches above the knee. While picking the inseam, you have to keep it between 5 inches on the shorter side and 9 inches on the longer side.

Final Thoughts

From the important information mentioned above, you will be clear before selecting the best types of shorts for your daily use. Our team from Kingdom of White is more than happy to offer pure white cotton shorts, which will match any style you want to portray.