7 Monsoon Fashion Tips: Amp-Up Style with white Cotton Shirts

Believe it or not, the monsoon season is fun and considered one of the best seasons in several countries. People usually cherish this season for the beautiful memories they have had.

However, this article is not about the beauty of monsoon but about your wardrobe and how best you can put your clothes to use in the rainy season.

You can wear several different types of clothes in the monsoon season and look good. From a white cotton shirt worn with stylish shorts or cotton full pants, there are lots of different ways in which you can dress up in this wet season and not look gloomy.

Here we are with a range of white shirts for men that will look bright if you wear them in the rainy season. You will find an exquisite range of men's clothing in the Kingdom of White stores, which we feel incredibly proud to present.

If you do not have any idea about wearing your favorite clothes and looking good in the monsoon season, we are here to help you with some novel ideas to inform you how to wear a white cotton shirt for men and pair them well to enhance your style quotient.  

Why are white cotton shirts for men perfect for monsoons?          

Contrary to the belief of most people, cotton and cotton blend shirts for men are staple clothing in the monsoon season. We have the most comprehensive range of such clothes, tailored to perfection. You can check them out at our stores.  

Now, you may ask, why is it said that cotton shirts for men are perfect to wear in the monsoons? Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is easier to dry a white cotton shirt than shirts made from any other fabric in the monsoons. 

The following important factor is the comfort level these shirts offer in these humid conditions. White cotton shirts are perfect for this season since they do not absorb heat like the lack of color clothes. 

Cotton shirts will allow you to maintain your style and all its elements. In short, you will feel happy wearing our carefully designed shirts with a wide range of patterns and an exclusive assortment of prints. Our clothes will make you look stylish at your best.

The versatility of cotton blend shirts 

Ask anyone, and they will say that cotton and cotton-blended shirts are the best due to their beneficial properties. The material is highly breathable and comfortable to wear in hot and humid conditions due to its insulation capabilities. It is more sustainable than any other fabric, and it comes with hypoallergenic properties.

All these characteristics of cotton make it one of the most versatile fabrics, and you will typically find them in abundance in any given garment market that boasts clothes made from natural fiber.

A white cotton shirt, or any other cotton shirt for that matter, differs in thickness, making it wearable all year round. The flexibility and versatility of the material have helped it find and secure a place in the sphere of luxury garments.

We at Kingdom of White do not stop just there. We even go a step ahead to make our shirts even better in terms of their shine and durability of the fiber. We process them in the best plants and color them before sending them to the factory for knitting. This enhances its durability, color retention capability, and its texture and shine. 

All unnecessary hairs from the fiber are burnt by gassing it. The flame burns the hairs giving the fiber the desired smoothness and resilience to peeling.

After gassing, we ensure that the fiber is Mercerized. This is the process that gives the fiber some additional shine and, at the same time, makes it unshrinkable and more resilient. It also helps in enhancing the vibrancy of the colors by making the pigment absorption ability even better.

All these procedures, also referred to as Cotton Lisle, make our cotton garments more versatile, useful, flexible, and resilient. You can wash a Kingdom of White cotton stretch shirt at home easily in your washing machine instead of having to take it to the dry cleaner and pay for it.

It makes it easy to understand why cotton is so versatile and popular.

Styling tips for chinese collar cotton shirts.

Whether you want to wear a chinese collar cotton shirt or any other type of white cotton shirt, you must wear it correctly and pair them with the right type of pants or trousers to look good, especially in the monsoon season. 

Here are some tips from our experts to wear the Mandarin shirts ideally:

Since the Chinese collar shirts are not fully formal or completely informal, it is best not worn to work but for an evening out. Blend it with the right type of fabric seamlessly so that it gives you a casual look.

You can wear it with denim, if the pair is excellent, along with a jacket, though it is not mandatory.

If you want to add more to your style and appeal, you can even wear narrow stripes or casual checks. Experiment as you like.

It is best worn without a tie. This will save you from adjusting to hot or humid weather like in the monsoons.

You can even wear it with jeans or a suit for an elegant look.

Styling Tips in Monsoon

Now for our main point of discussion, this is how you should style up with a white cotton shirt in the monsoon:

  • Pair it with colorful shorts
  • Wear it with stylish trousers of deep color
  • Wear colorful and lovely slip-on rather than shoes
  • Try not to wear them with jeans
  • Do not wear it with denim
  • If you are wearing any type of jacket over it, zip it up and 
  • Wear accessories that are casual and waterproof along with it.


Monsoon season does not always mean wearing gloomy dresses. Now you know how you can brighten things up with white cotton shirts.