Why White Shirts are always in Vogue?

White has it all. Its splendour is absolute. It’s the perfect harmony”– Coco Chanel.

One must think that putting on a pant and wearing a shirt is as simple as it sounds for men, right? But, fashion for men is more than one may ever imagine. Psst… Did you know? Fashion in men is all about dressing up well and, most importantly, dressing up simple. Well! It is globally accepted that SIMPLICITY is the key to note in the men’s fashion world.

If you belong to the confusion clan and do not know what to begin with when revamping your wardrobe, man. White is the answer. Men’s White Shirts are associated with purity, luxury and white is not just a colour. It is a sentiment that is a symbol of sobriety and uniformity, too. A white amidst many colours stands superior and distinct. So, one may never be able to imagine men’s closet without white in it. Rather, one shouldn’t too because white shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can suit many planned and even unplanned occasions.

From gate-crashing into a wedding to meeting a client or an unplanned party and outing with friends; situations are many, but white is the transeasonal wonder that can transform one’s look instantly.

When it comes to men’s shirts, white is a staple just as blacks are for women. If you are looking to inspire other contemporaries with your style, here are some inventive ways to get the Unique and Chic look with just white shirts in your wardrobe:

  • Light blue jeans ripped with a white shirt and black slip-ons are the best to begin with if you are confused with how to begin your confused wardrobe day.

  • Black jeans, White shirt, and dark brown Chelsea boots are the best go getter for a party at a farm.

  • Colourful pants with white shirt and sneakers is a unique, simple, elegant and chic look for a casual day with friends or an outing with your loved one.

  • Grey pant, White shirt, hat, smart watch or sports watch and a pair of black loafer… wow! What a combination to make your day… Impressive! Happening and what a sight for all the onlookers.

Fashion is not always about adding volumes of more clothing. Just a layer of white shirt for men when combined with something as simple as a pair of jeans will let you introspect and change your attitude too: Say this to yourself when you wear your white’s well. What follows is only the right attitude and success. “I am New. I am not afraid to fail. I am not afraid to try. I am all about wearing white and feeling just Right”! This above slogan can go a long way for all you men out there who are entrants into the world of infinite feelings with just one colour- White.


Credit Image Ref: www.unsplash.com