The ultimate guide for men's casual business look

Offices are becoming more accepting of casual looks for a variety of reasons. As attitudes towards workplace dress codes have changed in recent years, many people now believe that the emphasis should be on a person's skills and work performance rather than their formal appearance. This has opened doors for a lot of casual clothes for men to ace a business look

Not to mention that this radical change in the workplace can make employees feel more comfortable, which can improve their overall well-being and productivity. They can also save time and money on buying formal clothing, which is rather steep and have more options to express their personal style. Plus, casual dress codes also help companies attract younger talent who prefer a more relaxed work environment.

The best casual look for the office will depend on the dress code of your workplace. Here are some general tips for achieving a business look while expressing your style.

Some general tips for achieving a business look:

Casual shirts

Cotton or linen shirts are the best options if you want to dress to impress but not compromise on your own style. They are easy-breezy fabrics that allow you swift movement. Wear these casual shirts with khakis instead of jeans. This will easily give you the look you are trying to achieve.

Men's Button Down shirts

A button down shirt is a great option for a casual office look. Choose a solid color like white, blue and block or go for subtle prints. Pair these with olive green, ink blue or beige chinos. 

Sweater or cardigan

In colder months, a sweater or cardigan can be a good option for layering over your casual shirt. Make sure it's a professional-looking sweater in a neutral solid color. Combinations like blue and white, pastels and white, black, and white are classics that never fail to turn heads.

Comfortable shoes

Choose comfortable shoes that are still professional-looking, such as loafers or dress shoes. Avoid sneakers or sandals, which may be too casual.


Keep accessories to a minimum. Wear a simple analogue or a smart watch and limited jewelry.

As a rule of thumb, avoid clothing that is too revealing, distracting, or inappropriate. And remember to always check your company's dress code policy before deciding on what to wear. If the dress code is business casual, you can be more flexible with your clothing choices. In any case, it's important to maintain a professional and polished appearance, even when dressing casually.