The Best Men's Linen Shirts Will Keep You As Cool As You Look

Searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across so many types of linen shirts for men. Have you ever wondered why people are spending such a huge deal of money on linen shirts or shirt kurtas? For that cool and comfortable look, nothing can beat the importance of linen fabric. Known for its high-end durability and breathability, these pieces are best and always suitable for the upcoming summer months.

Before you proceed further and check out the best linen shirts for men, it is time to check out the Best Shirt Fabric Brands In India. Once you have chosen us at Kingdom of White, there is no need to look for a secondary option. Being associated with this field for a long time, we know what clients want and can address their needs with ease.  

About linen shirts

Right now, there can be seen an increasing trend in the Indian fashion market to select the best linen shirts for men. The mere mention of the crisp and fresh piece of linen fabric is highly capable of transporting you to the beach summer holidays. Freshly laundered linen wear can always change your look towards betterment. 

Known for its high-end durability, linen shirts are available in different color combinations, but mostly in light colors. If you are looking for the most universal choice, then aiming towards a white colored linen shirt is the promising choice to address. The materials are sweat-absorbent. So, you won’t feel stinky armpits anymore!

What are the benefits of wearing linen?

There are ultimate benefits revolving around wearing linen shirts for men. Some of the promising ones are mentioned below for your reference.

  • Durability:

Liner is noted to be cooler, more robust, and also exceptionally durable. The quality of linen fabric is durable and timeless and can be worn daily. After washing, linen shirts might form wrinkles, but these lines form a major part of their beauty.

  • Feel and look:

If you are looking for a man’s shirt that will look and feel comfortable, then nothing can beat the importance of linen shirts. Moreover, linen fabrics can absorb moisture and will have a boxy feel to it. They won’t stick to your skin and ventilate properly. All these features make linen clothing an ideal choice for the upcoming summer months.

Which type of linen is best?

You are likely to come across different types of linen shirts for men, making it all the more confusing regarding the right choice to be made. You are indeed about to spend some hefty money on the piece. So, being 100% confident in your purchase is crucial. Among different linen fabrics used for manufacturing the best mens linen shirts, the highest quality one is the Belgian linen.

Here, the linen fabrics carry the Belgian linen quality label with a minimum of 85% of European flax fiber, and these are woven in Belgium. These products are known to have a certificate of origin, which will help you to trace them back to their sources.

Does linen shrink when washed?

The greatest shrinkage of linen shirts for men will only take place during the first wash cycle. Linen shrinks typically by around 4% but can shrink as much as 10% under certain conditions. But, with proper care from your side and following the washing steps, you can prevent linen shrinkage to take place. Once you have purchased the best mens linen shirts, focusing on aftercare is mandatory if you want to make the shirt last for a long time.

How did we choose linen shirts?

If this is your first time looking for linen shirts for men, then checking out the points listed below might help.

  • Find your answer on which brand has the best linen shirts First. Here, the Kingdom of White is your ultimate answer.
  • Make sure to focus on the color, texture, pattern, and fit of the linen shirts.
  • Look for the white color linen shirt as your universal choice.
  • Lastly, deal with the price to see if you are comfortable paying the rate.

A List Of Top 5 Linen Shirts Popular In 2023

To make the task a lot easier, we have listed the top 5 linen shirts for men to give out a try in 2023. Open your eyes and check out the features before making a purchase.


  • Mandarin collar linen shirt 
  • Also known as a small, close-fitted, stand-up collar, the mandarin collar linen shirts for men can also be termed as Mao collar. These collars are usually 3 to 4cm high where the edges won’t meet at the front. The mandarin-based linen clothing came into being from the traditional dress, worn by Mandarins in Imperial China.


  • Spread collar Linen white shirt 
  • For that modern type of linen shirt for men spread collar linen shirt is the best choice to make. Here, a long distance will be there between the collar points to create a widening effect and balance out the thin faces. Check out these types of white shirts for men to choose from.

  • Button-down collar Linen white shirt 
  • For a formal type of linen shirt for men, the button-down collar linen shirts will act in your favor. In case you are looking for branded linen shirts, which can be worn to attend formal meetings, then the ones in white color can do the trick.

  • French Placket Pure Linen White Shirt 
  • These types of mens linen shirts will have a popular material of the shirt folded towards the underside, also known as a placket. You won’t see any stitches towards the front as they are presented on the underside of the branded linen shirts.

  • Linen white kurta 
  • If you want something different than men's linen shirts, then a linen white kurta is the best. The length is bigger than a shirt but not as long as a traditional kurta. For any family function, these kurtas can be a great alternative to the best linen shirts.

    Why buy linen shirts from the Kingdom of White

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