Stretch fabric: what it is, what it is used for, features and more

Whenever you are purchasing a fabric, you need to check its level of comfort. That’s why there is a booming growth of Stretch fabric these days. Searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across different types of stretch shirts for mens to watch out for. However, unless you are sure of the Stretch fabric, you can’t make the right decision.

Right from understanding what stretch fabric is to the perfect characteristics and types, everything matters a lot before you invest some money in the same. So, read till the end of this blog to get some value-added services.

Stretch fabric

In layman’s terms, Stretch fabric is considered a synthetic fabric, which can stretch out with ease. It can either be made available in a 2-way stretch or a 4-way stretch. The 2-way version is likely to stretch on one only side, mostly from one selvage to another.

Then you have the 4-sided stretch fabric like crosswise, spandex, and more, which will extend in both longitudinal directions. These fabrics are different from elastic. Such materials have been adapted on a larger scale for many decorative and artistic purposes. It helps to create contemporary-descriptive designs to be used for connecting event productions.

What is Stretch fabric? Definition and types

You must be wondering what is stretch fabric. Such fabrics have the power to stretch. It is because the fibers of the Stretch fabric can stretch to a certain degree and then can return to their original size. 

The 2-way stretch is horizontal and runs through tissues. The 4-way one is both vertical and horizontal and will go through the tissues and up or down the tissue. But, the stretch type is not the only variation when dealing with types of stretch fabric. The fibers resulting in the final product can come from various elastic materials. These materials are also used for manufacturing White shirts for Men.

Some common types of stretch fabrics that can be found are:

It is vital to learn about the types of stretch fabric before you finalize on any one product. Check out the features of the stretch fabric material before coming to the next stage.

1. Neoprene

One of the major examples of Stretch fabric has to be neoprene rubber. This is considered to be a synthetic polymer to resemble the stretch and water-resistant features of rubber. It reduces the limitations of pure materials. Such materials are available in different thicknesses and used in fashion apparel and suits as one major stretch fabric material.

2. Knitted fabrics

Another example of Stretch fabric has to be knitted fabrics. The elasticity depends on the way these fabrics are produced using interwoven fibers within loops. The loops offer some elasticity, even though they might be blended with other fibers like polyester, viscose, or elastane. Knitted fabrics are mostly bidirectional.

3. Spandex fabric

Also known as Elastane, spandex Stretch fabric is one of the first options available in the market. It can stretch up to 400% of its original size. However, once mixed with other materials, Spandex can lend up to 20% of elasticity to coupled fiber. The polyester cotton and spandex blend is one common example found in the market. However, there are some adaptations coming along the way.

4. Spandex blends fabrics

As has been mentioned already, Spandex can be blended with other fabric materials to create the ultimate Stretch fabric of your need. Some of the common examples are cotton-polyester-spandex, nylon, and stretch velvet. Too much elastane can make the materials uncomfortable and might even deform the final piece. So, be aware of that point as well!

5. Stretch polyester fabric

This polyester-based Stretch fabric is available based on different types of polyesters used. Each one has its own characteristics. Polyester filaments are available in different sizes and can be cut into yarn in various ways.

6. Stretch satin

This form of stretch satin fabric has all the comfort with the ultimate softness and shine of silk. A smaller amount of 95% silk and 5% spandex won’t affect the dyeing procedure. The dye is mostly 100% silk fabric. It is one major strech fabric to watch out for.

7.Cotton Stretch fabric 

You must be wondering what is a stretch cotton fabric called. This kind of fabric has the power to stretch and preserves all positive properties of cotton fabric like water-absorbent features, breathability, and hypo-allergen. Jersey is one single-knitted cotton fabric, which is noted for its softness and stretching facilities. It is one stretchable cloth to try out. Much like stretch satin fabric, the cotton stretch fabric has a mixture of spandex with cotton for elasticity.

What is Stretch fabric used for? Uses and applications

Previously, stretchable cloth was used for manufacturing bras and women's swimwear. But, the knit design is coupled with natural stretchy fibers, and that led to the Stretch Knit usage in athletic sportswear. It was in the mid-1980s when a serious shift took place and the designers started to add stretch knits into the modal world. That’s when such fabrics were used to create t-shirts and jackets, and later to create work pants. 

Characteristics or Advantages of stretch fabrics

The stretchable cloth houses multiple properties. Right from its ability to stretch to its power to return to its original shape after enlarging, the list goes on.

  • These fabrics have higher tear-resistant and are dimensionally stable.
  • These garments use a small percentage of elastane, which is characterized to be wrinkle-free.
  • Elastane also has anti-pilling properties to prevent the formation of pilling in fabric, even when mixed with cotton.
  • The products are also known for their moisture absorption property, making them easier to dry out.

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