Staying Cool in the Heat: A Guide to the Best Fabrics for Summer

With summer knocking at the door, looking for the best white cotton shirt is a necessity. It is often considered the safest option in your wardrobe. Choosing the best fabrics for summer is a necessity if you don’t want to sweat and smell profusely at the same time. 

With sweat come a lot of germs and bacteria. If your chosen garment material is not breathable then you are giving bacteria a ground to grow and reproduce. In no time, you will be the unfortunate victim of irritations and rashes. The reliable cotton linen fabric shirts are the ultimate choice for you, once you plan to get them from the Kingdom of White.

Before you proceed further and invest some bucks in our pure cotton shirt fabric, make sure to check out everything about the best fabrics for summer. We have listed some of the most common and necessary choices down below for your reference.


Cotton is often considered a natural crop, which has been used since 600 BC. Cotton is mostly harvested as a natural crop and this labor-intensive process results in the natural and anti-allergic fabric material. Cotton is known for its ultimate advantages. It has the power to control moisture, insulate, and even provide comfort.

  • Furthermore, the men's white linen shirt is made using 100% cotton fabric, which makes the shirt hypoallergenic. 
  • Cotton is weatherproof in nature and is also a durable fabric.
  • With pure linen fabric shirts, you will receive moisture control at its best. Cotton is naturally absorbent and won’t show perspiration like synthetic materials.
  • Cotton is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. So, your clothes won’t turn out to be itchy.

It is simple to take care of cotton clothing items. You just need to create a mixture using lukewarm water and soap. Soak the clothes in the mixture and then scrub off the dirt after a few hours. You need to air-dry the pieces under the sun and then finish it off with simple ironing.


For the upcoming summer months, linen shirt fabric is the ultimate choice to consider. As linen is a natural fiber, it will allow the air to circulate. Furthermore, linen fabric will allow moist air and heat to escape. All these steps will help in maintaining a cool body temperature. 

  • The white linen shirt fabric is light in weight, because of the weave and thickness of the material.
  • It won’t cling to your skin and trap sweat like heavier materials. So, you can wear linen white shirts for long hours and won’t feel uncomfortable at all.
  • Being a natural fiber, linen allows air to circulate. Breathability is very important while aiming towards summer clothes because it won’t trap moisture. Thus, it prevents all kinds of skin irritations and rashes.
  • Linen is known to have the highest heat-reflective properties when compared to other shirt materials. It is partly because of the natural fibers and partly because of the unique structure. Linen has great shading properties, which will help you to feel a lot cooler.

It is pretty simple to take care of linen shirts. It is much like taking care of your 100% natural cotton shirts. Our team from Kingdom of White is proud to offer you 100% linen cotton shirts within affordable ranges. You won’t have to look for a white shirt from anywhere else because we have thoughtful items in store for you.


If you are looking for one of the best fabric materials for men's white summer shirts then Rayon seems to be on the list for good reasons. We know rayon for its breathability, comfort level, and versatility. On the other hand, with rayon, you can mingle the term sustainability as well!

  • Rayon fabric is soft, comfortable to wear for long hours, and breathable. It is used for making pajamas and underwear, apart from shirts.
  • Rayon will provide that luxurious appearance because of the drape it comes with.
  • Rayon is a versatile fiber, which will blend proficiently with natural materials like cotton fiber. The main goal is to create cotton rayon.
  • Rayon fabric is also known to be highly absorbent and will absorb your sweat in no time. It even dries up faster.

In order to make the care of your rayon clothing items, we will advise you to wash them in cold water on the delicate cycle and with the lower spinning option. Rayon has the tendency to shrink and misshapen if you use hot water for its wash. Make sure to treat rayon gently because aggressiveness can break fibers and cause the fabric to take on a fuzzy appearance.

Other Fabrics:

Apart from the points mentioned above for the summer shirts for men, there are some other summer-friendly fabrics available to give out a try. You have Silk as one of the most expensive options with a glossy touch to it. Some of the other options are Chambray and Seersucker. With us at Kingdom of White, you will get products under different categories now.

Chambray is the finest version of cotton and known to be highly breathable in nature. It is a fine dense cloth, which is versatile and to be used all year around. 

Furthermore, we have Seersucker or railroad stripe option, which is a thin and puckered cotton fabric. It is not necessarily striped or chequered all the time, but widely used for manufacturing clothes for the summer seasons. 


From the points mentioned above, you are more or less well aware of the different types of summer-friendly fabric materials. We, at the Kingdom of White, take fabrics quite seriously and have procured the best from our trusted vendors. So, our end results are proven to be the best in town.

Before you proceed further and jump straight into making a decision, don’t forget to check the quality of the clothing option. Some tips while looking into the right fabric material are shrinkage value, color fastness, fabric type, suitability and location, and more. With us at Kingdom of White, you will receive top-notch quality items within set rates.