How to style a white hoodie?

Whenever you think of a white hoodie, you think about the colder jittery winter mornings. In order to keep your body warm along with uplifting the style statement, these hoodies are more like a fashion statement nowadays. Right now, the market is using various types of fabric materials to create a white hoodie, which can be worn throughout the year!

So, those are long gone when hoodies were only to be worn during winter months. Even when it is hot outside, you can still opt for the linen or cotton-based hoodie for a change, from the house of Kingdom of White. 

But, before you proceed further and make an investment, it is important to learn how to style up a hoodie. Making a purchase is not the end of a story if you fail to style it up well.

The History of Hoodie

The white hoodie is one of those garment pieces known to have a vibrant history. It all started off as a sportswear staple, used by field runners, and later went to runways. Later, the hoodies stopped at every urban culture street. If there is one garment that can be seen on every individual then that has to be a hoodie. Right from business personnel to famous movie stars, everyone is seen flaunting white hoodies these days.

Hoodies have been loved and accepted by different people from various spheres of life. Whenever you are looking for a cool garment, hoodies seem to be at the top of the list. All you need to know is to find the answer on how to style a hoodie and you are sorted for good.

Some of the latest fashion trends involving a close bond between fashion and streetwear are also highlighting hoodies on the ramp. There are hardly many options in men’s collections that can be as versatile as a hoodie. It can be a perfect casual outfit for Netflix and Chill, and can also be your jogging outfit after dinner. 

It all started as a trend in the 1990s but later developed into a global phenomenon mainly because of the high-class versatility and comfort level. 

How to Style the Hoodie

You must be wondering how to style a hoodie. Well, it’s true that the Kingdom of White is proud to present a white hoodie available in different styles. But, unless you know how to style them up, your purchase will be in vain. Whether you want to style up a hoodie with jeans or add a white hoodie with a denim jacket, the options are plenty. So, let’s jump straight into the points.

1. Hoodie with a Denim Jacket

A white hoodie with a denim jacket is a versatile style to wear this winter. It forms a casual yet cool look to it. It is true that denim jackets are available in different shades. Choosing the right denim shade to match your hoodie ideas is a vital shot to cover. It helps your outfit to stand out in the crowd. You can even pick a light-colored hoodie and wear that with a blue denim jacket on top!

2. Hoodie with a Leather Jacket

If you are looking to create a cozier look with your white hoodie, then pairing it up with a leather jacket is a good call to consider. This combination will present a warm effect and make you look sleek and stylish at the same time. As one of the best hoodie ideas, you get to pair up a black leather jacket with a full length zipper hoodie.

To top it all, you can choose smart-fit denim jeans to keep in sync with the rocker aesthetics. For that urban feel, the blue denim pants will be your best choice. If the monochromatic black is not your color, then break that down by adding a basic tee under the hoodie!

3. Hoodie with a Shearling jacket

A shearling jacket is a favorable winter choice for many. In case you want to achieve a perfect look with it, then adding a white hoodie to it will level up your fashion style. However, there needs to be a perfect balance between hoodies and jackets to create that look. Much like focusing on white shorts, you have to check out all the jacket options before proceeding with the final purchase. It is always necessary to select lighter hoodie shades to soften up the heaviness of wearing both a jacket and a hoodie.

4. White Hoodie with Jeans 

Most of you are not sure of the connection between a white hoodie and a pair of jeans. Once you are able to choose the right hoodie with jeans set, you are off to a great start this winter. The white hoodie with blue denim jeans is a classic cult and can address all your styling needs at once. Just make sure to check out the set of hoodies with jeans available from our store at Kingdom of White to get some ideas in this regard.

5. Hoodie with a Coat

If you want to take winter seriously, then matching a white hoodie with a long coat will address your needs the most. For the white hoodie, you can opt for light-colored coats to go on top. Right now, you will get multiple options under white hoodie mens. Similarly, you have long coats in beige or cream color that will accentuate your style even better.

6. Hoodie with white Pants

Once you are done purchasing a white hoodie, it is time to move on with white pants to create that monochromatic look. Everything in white from a white hoodie mens to a white pants will add that classic and chic look to your wardrobe.

Final Thoughts

From all the styles mentioned above, it is clear to state that white hoodie mens are in a class of their own, especially when you know how to style them properly. The team from Kingdom of White has some massive collections in store for you, not just for winter, but all year around. You can even purchase premium quality white shirts for men from the same store.