How to dress up for an interview

Have you ever been to a bank and wondered how clean and sharp the staff looks? It’s because their role demands to appear that way. Ever visited an art show and witnessed the people wearing a little informal, colourful and comfy clothes? Well, that’s a part of the unit. In a similar way, showing your best self in an interview includes being well-aware and well-dressed as per the role you are aspiring for. A neat outfit is important to project a professional image. Choosing the right shirt to wear is therefore critical. 

Here are some best shirt options for men to wear during interview process:

Wear a Suit

It's always the best option to wear a suit for an interview. Pick an attire that fits you well, and make sure it's clean and pressed. While there are many options in white shirts for men, choose shirts with regular or cut away collars. A dark suit in navy, gray or black is the most appropriate for interviews.

Solid color shirts

Solid color white shirts for men are always a safe choice for an interview. White, light blue, or pastel colors like pink or light green are classic and professional choices.

Button-Down Shirts

A white button down shirt can be a good choice for a more casual interview, but it should still be a professional-looking shirt that fits well and is not too wrinkled.


Wear a tie that complements your suit and shirt. The tie should not be too flashy or distracting. A simple silk tie with subtle patterns is always a great option. Skip solid ties as they often don’t blend in.


Laced or not, choose shoes that match and uplift your suit. Oxfords, derbies, or loafers are appropriate for interviews. Make sure they are clean and polished perfectly.


Wear long socks that match your suit pants. This is to ensure that you skin isn’t visible when your legs fold to sit on the chair. Avoid wearing bright or patterned socks that may distract from your professional image.


Make sure your hair is neat and tidy, and your beard or mustache is trimmed. Trim your nails and ensure your hygiene is on point.


Keep accessories minimalistic. Wear a simple watch, carry a white handkerchief, and limit jewelry. 

Remember that dressing appropriately for an interview shows that you respect the company and the interviewer. It also demonstrates your professionalism and attention to detail. All in all, it is important to choose an outfit that looks well and is not too tight or too loose. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed and avoid wearing shirts with loud patterns or graphics that may be distracting. When in doubt, go for the white shirts. Finally, always tuck your shirt in and wear a belt to complete the professional look.