How to Care For A White Cotton T-shirt So It Lasts Longer

Wearing a 100% cotton T-shirt is the best possible action to take during the sultry summer months. You never know when you might have to take a quick note of the cleaning spree, because, after one or two wears, it is vital to get your clothes out for a wash. Unless you are sure of the ways to take care of your cotton t shirt, you won’t be able to use it for a long time. So read till the end to learn more. Our team from Kingdom of White is more than happy to provide you with detailed information on ways to take care of cotton t-shirts.

How to clean and care for a cotton T-shirt so it lasts longer:

This might be the very first time when you are thinking of washing your cotton t shirt on your own. You leave away from your family now and don’t have your mother to do the washing on your behalf. Before you become independent and start washing cotton t shirts, there are certain points you need to address first. We, at Kingdom of White, have mentioned some steps to wash and clean your cotton shirts and make them last the longest.

1. Wash less

Always remember that less is more when you have a cotton t-shirt by your side. For that extra bit of longevity, cotton shirts only need to be washed when it is absolutely necessary. Even though quality cotton is robust, every wash will cause stress to the natural fibers and leads to faster aging and fading of the white shirts for men.

So, washing less means that you won’t be straining your fabric that much. Each wash also has some environmental impact. So, washing less will help in reducing personal water usage and carbon footprint.  

2. How to wash cotton clothes

You might be wondering how to wash cotton clothes. Well, if you have a white cotton t-shirt, make sure to wash it with other white apparel only. Never ever mix colors with white as cotton pieces have the tendency to bleed colors. So, if you mistakenly wash both colors and whites together, chances are high that the white daily use t shirt will come out in mixed-up colors. 

Sorting laundry based on the color and fabric type is important before the final wash. It ensures that you have full control over the entire process.

3. Wash cold

Remember that a 100% cotton t-shirt does not like heat. If you wash it in too hot water, the fabric material might shrink. However, it is true that detergents work better at higher temperatures. So, finding the right balance between effective cleaning and washing temperature is a must. 

The darker shades can be washed in completely cold water. And the light color t shirt or the white t-shirt can be washed at around 30 degrees if the need arises.

Washing your clothes at these temperatures ensures that the white tee lasts longer and adds that crisp look to it. It reduces the risk of unwanted colorization like yellowish marks under armpits. But, washing at low temperatures will reduce environmental impact and your monthly bills as well. 

4. Wash (and dry) inside out

By washing your cotton t-shirt inside out, the unavoidable abrasion will take place on the inner side of the apparel while the outside won’t be affected. It reduces unwanted fuzziness and pilling of natural cotton.

On the other hand, try to dry your light color t shirt inside out as well. So, all the potential fading from the harsh sun rays will happen towards the inner side of the garment and the outer portion will remain vibrant as always.

5. Use the right (amount of) detergents

Searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across eco-friendly detergents for your cotton t-shirt, based on natural ingredients. But, it is mandatory to note that green detergents will pollute waste water and can even damage clothes if used in too high amounts. It is because they contain a wealth of various substances. As you won’t find a 100% green option, using a lot of it won’t turn your clothes any extra white. 

For laundering cotton, make sure to put fewer clothes in the washing machine. That will need less detergent to use. On the other hand, areas with soft water will need less detergent as well.

6. Do not tumble dry

All forms of cotton products like cotton t shirts and shirts have their natural shrinkage value. It happens during the drying process. You can reduce the shrinkage risk by avoiding a tumble drier and trying out air drying instead. Even though a tumble drier might be a convenient solution sometimes, it is better to air dry your t-shirt for a better result.

7. Iron on reverse

It is true that a cotton t-shirt is prone to wrinkles and needs to be ironed before you wear it. If you can handle your tee properly after taking it out of the washer, creasing might be minimized. You can give each garment a stretch to get them into its original shape. Follow the garment care label before you start ironing your washed t-shirt. The label mentions the right temperature setting to be used. 

8. Store correctly

Ideally, you need to store your cotton t-shirt by folding them and laying them on a flat surface. If you prefer hanging your 100 percent pure cotton t shirts, then use wide hangers to help evenly distribute the weight. Be sure to insert the hanger from the bottom so that you won’t overstretch the neckline.

9. Treat stains immediately!

During an emergency, make sure to clean cotton by treating the stains immediately otherwise the cotton fabric will soak the color. The faster you are able to remove stains from 100 percent pure cotton t-shirts, the better. Unfortunately, there is no universal stain removal available for cotton t shirts for men. Initially, you can rinse the stain using warm water and add some mild detergent or soap.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is not hard to wash and take care of your cotton t-shirts for men once you are sure of the points involved. Get in touch with our team at Kingdom of White for quality washing techniques, giving your cotton t-shirts the all-new look!