Easy Tips to keep your White Shirts White

Whites have many faces – gentle and unvarying, but all whites have only one thing in common: they all need to look immaculately bright in order to impress. Unfortunately, whites cannot be worn that often and neither can anybody keep buying one because one cannot just part from his favourite shirt and opt for a new shirt that easily.

Everybody prefers the whites differently, but Men take their whites very seriously and prefer it white only. A crisp tailored and a well-knit white shirt’s for men is a staple in their closet. A wardrobe classic, white shirt for men always looks the best when it is pure and shining white.


If it’s time to wash your favourite white shirt, but you are afraid that your washer may ruin its look then here are some simple tips that can keep your whites white for a little longer:

  • The first rule with Whites as mentioned above is NEVER WASH white shirts WITH OTHER COLOURS. Wash your whites separately. Yes, it may seem like a daunting task, but just wash it simple, gentle and easy.

  • Men tend to wash their clothes, a normal tendency to wash all clothes at one go may be once in a week or so. But, when you have your heart on for your selective and most loved whites, try to not load all clothes together in a machine. How much ever you may feel the urge to throw in a few more white shirts, Just Don’t!

  • Measure your detergent, right. Underusing the detergent or overusing the same may just make your white shirts turn grey. Just follow the instructions written on the detergent bottle.

  • To keep the men's white shirt white and smelling good and looking bright, detergent boosters are a boon. Just add them as suggested and follow the basic instructions if you want your whites crisp and white.

  • Stains are an amicable part of whites. No white can ever stay white without a stain in it. Food stains, ink stains, oil, perspiration, juice or caffeine stains are so normal when it comes to a white shirt. So, pre-treat these shirts before putting them for a wash. A gentle scrub with a detergent and a tool as simple as an unused toothbrush can keep the stain in one place and also reduce the same after the wash.

  • Just hang your white clothes outside to dry naturally. Drying white clothes outside can keep their brightness intact. The UV rays from the sun help the whites stay fresh and white. If you are not able to dry white clothes outside in the open, then you may make use of dryer on lower heat setting.

  • Wash on your usual cycle and a rinse with baking soda or vinegar is a boon to reduce the stains in white shirts and help in keeping the whites white.

Your whites are with you always, but one must realise white shirts with time tend to turn yellow. So, do not fret. Just enjoy your special moments or days with your white shirts and for other days you may definitely opt to shop and replace your old with a crisp, new, best woven and best fit white shirt all over again in your closet.


Pics. Courtesy: www.unsplash.com