Best Brunch Outfit Ideas for Men

There’s no two ways about it - brunches have become synonymous with weekends. They are defined as a late morning meal on Sundays to get over a hangover from Saturday night. Brunches are an essential way to catch up with friends and socialize with your circle. You might consider them a summer activity but they’re fun all-year round with the right company. 

Along with delicious eggs and soft croissants, what you will wear is a big part of making any brunch plan. You might feel like putting on something comfortable and calling it a day - in which case, go for it. Make sure to go through the following tips to land your brunch fashion with a balance of comfort and style. 

Winter brunch outfits 

Winter is when you’re at your most indoorsy mood, which makes brunch a great way to get out of the house for a short while. But, while your destination might be all warm and comfortable, the way there might not be. This means you’ll have to layer up to get there. You'll also need to have something brunch-worthy even when you shed the outer layers. Wear your favorite coats or jackets with white shirts and jeans. Men’s white shirts go well with dark colored coats and can also hold their own when paired with the right trousers. 

Summer brunch outfits 

When the mercury is trending higher, your brunch outfit needs to be cooler. Grab the finest linen white shirts from your wardrobe to pair with earthy chinos or trousers. Add the right accessories like a statement watch to complete the look. You can also keep the shirt tucked out and unbutton the top two buttons. That depends on how close you are to the other brunch guests. But never wear sandals to brunch - unless you’re on vacation. Rather, try a cool pair of shades to complete the look. 

Casual brunch outfits 

It’s Sunday - so it’s natural for you to decide that you don’t want to dress up for your brunch plans. Comfort and chic can go hand in hand if you pick the right outfit. Pick relaxing white shirts made with cotton, linen or blended fabrics for the most ease. We design our shirts with style-enhancing details without compromising your comfort. 

Formal brunch outfits 

Brunch and formals aren’t two words you’d usually hear together. But, what if the brunch invite is from your boss? You can’t put on your favorite shorts for the occasion, can you? The same applies when you’re going somewhere fancy for brunch. On such days, pick from classic men’s white shirts that go well with a light blazer. Complete your look with a leather watch and comfortable shoes. 

Brunch date outfits 

If brunch dates are your idea of romance then you’re in good company. Relaxing with your partner on a Sunday morning can be the perfect way to spend some quality time with them. For such a plan, wear something that is impressive yet comfortable for you. Men’s white shirts from Kingdom Of White offer a wide variety of shirt designs to choose from. Aim for a chic yet relaxed aesthetic and have fun with the results.