8 Ways For Men To Wear A White Shirt With Style

When you’re choosing shirts, there’s few other options as versatile as white shirts for men. Simple and elegant, they can be paired with a wider variety of colors and outfits than any other type of shirt. Still, if you struggle when you try to do so, we’re here to help. Here are some easy ways to wear that white shirt in your wardrobe with style.

White Shirt With Jeans
An eternal pairing, classic blue jeans and a white shirt are made for each other. They toe the fine line between cool and elegant with ease. Scale up your jeans for dinner by picking a fitted shirt with a dense weave to convey a formal presence. On the other hand, you could go for a distressed pair of denims with a more casual button down shirt.

White Shirt With A Suit
As a staple pairing, white shirts and suits are seen together everywhere and for good reason. It gives you a blank slate to pair ties and pocket squares of your choice. A dark navy or a gray two piece suit with a white shirt is a highly reliable daily driver. To pick the right one, check the cut and fit that suits you best. Mandarin collar shirts make for an interesting choice especially if you are going for a bowtie.

White Shirt With Shorts
A white linen shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts are the embodiment of the summer. You’ll find yourself returning to this one time and again as a reliable piece. It also gives you a lot of room to play with the details. For instance, pick a white mandarin collar shirt for a versatile look that can transition you from beach to bar with ease.

White Shirt With Chinos & Linen
Inspiring isn’t the first word that comes to mind when you think of shirts with chinos. Yet, adding a white shirt into the mix transforms the look into an evergreen classic. For instance, take a white mandarin collar shirt and match it with a pair of olive coloured linen trousers for a style upgrade to your regular looks. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to try trouser patterns like pinstripes and more.

White Shirt With Suspenders
Your choice of suspenders will make or break your white shirt look, so be sure about choosing a color that matches your suit or blazer. If you’re skipping the suit, match it with the trousers. Add a bowtie to your look depending on the collar. For instance, mandarin collar shirts are a good pairing with bowties.

White Shirt with Nehru Vest
While white shirts are usually aimed at business meetings, picking them for an ethnic or party look means you have to layer it well. A Nehru jacket is a good choice, especially when you pick one in a solid color that matches with your trousers. Add a statement watch and a pair of formal shoes or loafers can complete your look. Pro Tip: Go for a mandarin collar shirt to let the Nehru vest shine.

White Shirt With Blazer
Perhaps the most ubiquitous casual combo, the white shirt and blazer are a match made in style heaven. Take your favorite well-crafted white shirt and wear it with a dark blazer in navy blue, olive green, brown and more. Depending on the style you’re going for, you can match the blazer with the trousers or go with something refreshing like denims.

White Shirt With Trench Coat
A trench coat is a statement piece of clothing. To pair a white shirt with it effectively without the shirt getting lost, you must keep the trench coat open at the front. You might think of pairing it strictly with formal trousers but the look will also be interesting with your favorite pair of denims.