5 Ways to Wear & Style Cotton White Shirts for men in 2023

Summer is just around the corner. So, looking for pure cotton white shirts is not an option anymore but a necessity. Those days are long gone when you had to move from one store to another for the sake of finding the right choice. With reliable centers, now you get to purchase pure cotton white shirts online, much like with the Kingdom of White.

But before you do end up purchasing the white shirt, it is mandatory to know how you are going to style it. Styling up your simple cotton-white shirt is not as difficult as it seems. With a little bit of help from our side, there is no need to look back!

Cotton White Shirts & Style

Depending on the fabric material, the style and texture of white shorts will differ. These pure cotton white shirts are made using 100% cotton fabric materials without any blend or combination with other fabrics. The classic white shirt is now a wardrobe staple that every man owns. These shirts are known to be versatile, timeless, and also the ultimate go-to piece of clothing for any occasion or season.

The pure cotton white shirts will simply help you to look elegant and chic for a long time. Moreover, as made using cotton, there is no need to worry about sweat at all! The fabric has high absorption power, which makes these shirts even more popular among the masses.

4 ways to wear your white shirt

After giving it a fair bit of thought, you have finally decided to invest in pure cotton white shirts. We have listed below different ways in which you can style up your men's casual white shirt. It can give rise to a formal look or a semi-casual brunch look anytime! All you need to know is more about the ways in which you can style up your pure cotton white shirts and that helps in presenting a personality of your choice.

1. The formal or business look

In case you are planning on attending a formal event then the pure cotton white shirts will go perfectly with the suit of any dark color. You can further leave the color to your accessories like statement tie, pocket square, and more when selecting the right white shirt.

  • In case you are a corporate man, then the white shirt will always look great with a gray or navy suit. 
  • It helps in adding a professional look with smartness and polished nature.
  • The formal white shirt with a tie is better for corporate meetings. But, for a casual business look, you can team up the white shirt with chinos or jeans and a blazer.
  • For the business casual look, the classic button-down Oxford Shirt is a great call to consider.

2. The casual look

If you are looking for a comfortable and stylish look, then you can always opt for pure cotton white shirts. Sometimes, linen cotton shirts can work wonderfully in your favor. 

  • This material is a bit more relaxed on your body and will work perfectly with jeans, shorts, or chinos.
  • In order to keep the look casual, you can pair it up with sneakers or loafers and then roll the sleeves to your elbow for a relaxed look.
  • You can also style up a men's casual white shirt by unbuttoning the shirt from the top and then pairing it with shorts or chinos.
  • Later, you get to add your Birkenstocks and you are off to a great casual summer look over here.

 3. The smart casual look

For most of you, it might be a bit hard to find the middle ground between casual and business wear with pure cotton white shirts. The white shirt will give them the chance to find that balance. For example, for the smart casual look, you can tuck in the white shirt and pair it up with smart trousers like slim-leg chinos. And then to complete the look, add a sports jacket on top. 

  • In case you are looking for a bold pattern, then opt for patterned trousers or a statement color jacket or pant to go hand in hand with your white shirt. 
  • Focusing on the best white shirt & matching jeans is a necessity for that smart yet casual look. Options are plenty and you just need to look for it!

4. White half shirt style

Whenever the matter revolves around pure cotton white shirts, there is no need to always deal with full-sleeve shirts. If you don’t want to fold the sleeves into three-quarters, then opting for a white half-shirt style is always a good call. These are more prominent to create a casual look. The task of a white shirt & matching jeans is not a joke anymore and the half shirt will be a perfect example of classiness yet comfort.

5.Unleashing Elegance: The Kurta Style Shirt

In 2023, comfort meets sophistication in the revival of Kurta style shirts. As a unique blend of tradition and contemporary fashion, this shirt transcends borders, setting a global trend. The key to styling Kurta style shirts is the versatile nature of its design, making it a perfect choice for any occasion. Don it with a pair of denim for a fusion look, or pair it with straight-fit trousers for a more ethnic appeal. To elevate the look further, choose a crisp cotton Kurta shirt from Kingdom of White - an ideal fit for the man seeking elegance in simplicity. Its white shade symbolizes purity, peace, and class, but more importantly, it's the canvas that allows your individual style to shine through. In 2023, make a statement with the minimalist charm of the cotton Kurta style shirt.

Here is some more white shirt-style inspiration!

Apart from the styling options mentioned above regarding pure cotton white shirts, there are some other inspirations to follow. There is no need to rely on only the white shirt blue jeans combination or even opt for the white half shirt style, as there are different variations of white shirts available.

1. Wrinkle-resistant white shirts

The pure cotton white shirts are made in such a manner and using top-notch materials that the shirts will end up with wrinkle-resistant features. The white half-shirt style might wrinkle out a bit after heavy use, but it is easier to get rid of them by ironing the pieces.

2. White Hoodies

Apart from the white shirt blue jeans combination, you can try out the white hoodies from Kingdom of White as well. If you like a white shirt and blue jeans combination for that casual look, then white hoodies will help in elevating the comforting style with casual chic nature.

Bottom line

So, to complete your white shirt look, following the styles mentioned above are just the starting points. Whether you are into a formal white shirt with a tie or a white hoodie, Kingdom of White has plenty of options to choose from.