5 pros & Cons of Cottons shirt

When it is already April, it is time to change your wardrobe from winter to summer collection. The very first thing to grab from there will be a white cotton shirt. It is the most safest and universal option, which will enhance the value and look of your personality. Whether you are dressing up for an office meet or want to meet your friends for a lunch date, a white cotton shirt for men is always the cleverest decision to take.

Now, with so many fabric materials available in the market, what makes you opt for a white cotton shirt only? Well, the points are listed below for your reference.

Pros and cons of wearing cotton:

Here, we from the Kingdom of White have added some pros and cons of pure cotton white shirts. Learning about these points beforehand will actually help you to make the right choice when it comes to wardrobe-changing ideas. Our pure cotton white shirts with price are really affordable. You just need to check for some discounts, which are applicable for a time zone. 

Apart from basic cotton shirts, we even have a cotton stretch shirt, where you have a bit of spandex or nylon mixed. The stretchy material of the shirt makes it a unique choice for those, looking for a body-hugging fit.


After giving it a fair bit of thought, you have thought of investing some bucks on cotton spandex shirts men. Well, before you do that, learning about the pros and cons has been a necessity. It is true that you are about to invest some of your hard-earned money in the white stretch shirt. So, why not check out the reasons behind its growing popularity first?


Not just for summer months, but white cotton shirt is perfect for all weather. It is a good and breathable choice for all the seasons out there. During the colder weather, try looking for the thicker weaves, which will end up giving you extra warmth, as and when asked for. 

And let’s not forget about the sultry summer months. The absorption power of the cotton clothes will make it easier to absorb your unwanted sweat, living you feeling easy and breezy at the same time.


There are different versions of cotton materials available and each one is known for its comfort level. Among the lot, Chambray is considered to be the most breathable option. It is a tightly woven version of cotton fabric and can be used sometimes for manufacturing white cotton shirts for men by our team at Kingdom of White. Being a tightly woven fabric, it is high in terms of sweat-absorbent, yet proven to be breathable at the same time.


Cotton is currently widely produced natural fiber available on the plant. Some of the other natural fibers are silk, made from silkworms, wool from the fur of sheep, and linens made from fibers available within the stem of flax plants. The cotton fibers are made available from the cotton plants. So, pure cotton white shirts are considered to be 100% natural. 

If you are one of those victims of sensitive skin, then our cotton shirts are the best choice. Being an all-natural product, you don’t have to worry about skin rashes anymore!


It is yet another reason for people to opt for pure cotton white shirts with price from our side at Kingdom of White. We use the best fabric materials for our cotton shirts, which will make them non-allergenic in nature. As natural fiber is the main ingredient over here, the shirts are rash and irritant-free. No harmful chemical has been used during its manufacturing process, and everything is completely natural. So, you won’t be suffering from any allergic reactions.


It is really tough to come across the disadvantages of cotton stretch shirts these days. However, cotton shirts are a bit expensive when compared to other synthetic fabric materials. But, it will work out as a one-time investment plan as these shirts are designed to withstand daily pressure easily.

Cotton shirts are prone to wrinkles because they are made using natural fibers. However, this is not a big deal as the wrinkles will vanish once you iron the pieces.

Different types of (white) cotton shirts available in the Market

1. Pure cotton white shirts

Zipper Collar Cotton Twill White Shirt - Zip Log:

Available in regular fits, our Zipper Collar Cotton Twill White Shirt - Zip Log is extremely popular among the masses. This shirt will keep you company when you are on your hiking plan. It is a perfect mix of durability and comfort, because of the pure cotton twill weave design.

Spread Collar Giza Cotton White Shirt – Marble

One of our bestsellers from the Kingdom of White, the Spread Collar Giza Cotton White Shirt – Marble is available in different sizes and in a regular fit. It is one way to take your work wardrobe to a completely new level with a classic white formal shirt. It combines effort with comfort effortlessly.

2. Cotton stretch shirt

Nityam Classic Half-Sleeve Shirt

If you want to embrace the value of cotton spandex shirts men, then waste no time further and get in touch with our Nityam Classic Half-Sleeve Shirt from the Kingdom of White right away! It is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe because of its feature light weight and natural fiber usage.

Front Printed Stretch Nylon White Shirt – Fern

The Front Printed Stretch Nylon White Shirt – Fern is the perfect example of a white stretch shirt. With this piece, you can embrace the refreshing vibes of nature at its best!


From the points mentioned above, it is clear to state that cotton shirts are in throughout the year. We, at Kingdom of White, have some of the best cotton shirts, available in the stretch and regular fits within your pre-set budget plans. Log online and learn more about the options before making the final move.