3 Stylish Ways To Wear Mandarin Collar Shirt

The art of men’s mandarin collar shirts is relatively new and it is already booming in terms of popularity. Also known as the Mao collar, the mandarin collar is a small and close-fitted stand-up collar structure. Usually, these collars are around 3 to 4cm high, and the edges won’t meet at the front. As you can understand from the name suggested, these Mandarin collars come from the traditional dresses, worn in Imperial China by the Mandarins.

The mandarin collar is more towards the minimalistic approach to some of the traditional suiting. It means you get to wear a white mandarin collar shirt to cover up some formal events like dinners, galas, weddings, and all kinds of ceremonies.

Elevate Your Style: 3 Trendy Outfits Featuring a Mandarin Collar Shirt


If you are planning to style up your Mandarin collar shirt other than the Chinese collar shirt for men, you have come to the right spot. Our team from Kingdom of White will let you know more about the ways to style up your mandarin collar shirt. You can either wear it with a pair of jeans or chinos, depending on the type of event you are planning to visit. For a casual feel, you can pair up a mandarin collar shirt with shorts too.

  • Day Out - Mandarin Collar Shirt with American Placket: It is one of the best options when it comes to a Mandarin collar white shirt. Available in both regular and slim fit, these white shirts are getting sold like hotcakes these days. The Day Out - Mandarin Collar Shirt with American Placket is 100% cotton and made using casual twill for enhancing the level of your comfort.
  • Candid - Grainy Oxford Mandarin collar shirt: For the classic look, our Candid - Grainy Oxford Mandarin collar shirt from Kingdom of White is a clever choice to consider. This particular model is available in regular fits only. It is a must-have within your casual collection. It is 100% cotton washed and will take care of your regular days easily.


Smart and stylish are the two major adjectives that come across your mind when you are dealing with mandarin collar shirts. Some of you might opt for a Chinese collar white formal shirt, but the beauty of the mandarin collar is to a completely new level. You will look smart if you place the Mandarin shirt with jeans. Also pairing it up with chinos will make you look stylish!

  • Day Zero - Ethno Mandarin Collar Cotton Shirt: Available in regular fits and in different sizes from S to XXL, our Day Zero - Ethno Mandarin Collar Cotton Shirt is perfect for that casual vibe going on. You should pair up this shirt with lightly faded jeans to complete your look.
  • Flape - Mandarin Collar Kurta with Flap Pocket: If you are looking for a men’s mandarin collar shirt with flap pockets then this Flape - Mandarin Collar kurta with Flap Pocket is the ultimate choice for you. It is perfect for those who want pockets at the front to store their cash and other belongings. This shirt is available in regular fits and it is perfect for any festive season.


With the summertime coming up, it is important to opt for a white mandarin collar shirt for not just style but for ultimate comfort. These mandarin shirts are picture-perfect if you are looking for natural fiber-based apparel. Moreover, as the shirts are white in color so they are perfect for your summer wear and will opt with any kind of bottom you want.

  • The Founder - Mandarin Collar Textured shirt: If you are looking for a textured version of a Mandarin collared shirt, then this Founder - Mandarin Collar Textured shirt is the ultimate choice to address. It is made available in Regular Fits only and procured in multiple sizes from S to XXL. This shirt is woven with fine cotton yards, which will assure not just ease but comfort as well.

Mandarin Collar Full Sleeve Cotton Shirt - Style Up: Available within pre-set budget plans and regular fit, the Mandarin Collar Full Sleeve Cotton Shirt - Style Up is your one-stop solution to pair with light-colored jeans. It is a 100% cotton shirt with full sleeves, which will protect you from the sun tanning big time. The concealed placket will make this shirt a preferred option under the casual version.


  • You can easily wear the mandarin collar shirt or Chinese collar shirt for men for covering any festive season. It has a more minimalistic approach when compared to traditional suiting.
  • Wear mandarin collared cotton shirts when you are out to a party or meet up with your friends. These shirts have a more casual vibe to them and will add a high level of comfort.
  • Wear the shirts with mandarin collars if you want to look a bit different from the crowd. The simplistic white color of mandarin shirts from Kingdom of White will ensure that you can match it with any pair of bottoms.


  • You should not wear a Mandarin collar white shirt during a black-tie event when you are specifically asked to wear a tuxedo. But, you can opt to wear one depending on the severity of the event.
  • Do not wear a mandarin collared shirt in any work environment. It provides a more casual vibe, which is not the right one for formal meetings.


Much like Chinese collar white formal shirts, there are certain reasons to wear mandarin-collared white shirts from the house of the Kingdom of White. Also known as band collars, these products are innately easier and neater when compared to the standard dress collar. The best part is that these collars won’t need or allow for a tie. The mandarin collars are able to hold up to their shape when buttoned and there is no need for collar stay.

Kingdom of White is proud to offer a vast version of mandarin collared white shirts and white short kurtas, within affordable ranges. So, waste no time further and get your hands on one.